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Rob Base of Japan the Otaku show and Alternative Mindz, interview me about Fables for Japan on his podcast, check it out.…

157 page, Downloadable E-Book!
40 different contributors!
Writers and artists around the world!

All for only $3.95! 

All proceeds go to Charity!

The 3-part anthology ends in spectacular style with 30 unique fables, comic stories, and poems, all beautifully illustrated and inspired by Japanese myth. Such as the tale of a slave boy who teaches his abusive master what forgiveness really is, the fable of three greedy brothers' desperate search for treasure, a lonely Kami who sacrifices everything for love, the young thief who becomes a hero with the help of a talkative umbrella, and many more. From a dark tale of the perfect cup of tea to legends exploring the true nature of God, these stories have been lovingly crafted by 40 of the top writers and artists around the world, including the talents of Alan Grant, Andrew Robinson, Charles Whipple, Eduardo Francisco, Federico Dallocchio, Huseyin Ozkan, Jean-Jacques Dzialowski, Jeff Crosby, Ken Bastard, Yao Xiao, and many more.

you can buy Book 3 - as well as Books 1 and 2 from our website:…
Jean Giraud, Moebius, passed away today. He was, arguably, one of the most influential artist of our time and a personal inspiration of mine.

The first time I encountered his work was, unfortunately, in the movie, Heavy Metal. I say unfortunate not because I didn't like the movie – I love it – I was a young teenager, it was a simi-adult, kick-ass animated movie with nudity! Of course, I love it. But it was an unfortunate introduction to Moebius because it did not, could not, do his work justice. Shortly after that, Epic Comics began to release a series of collections, translating Moebius's comic work. I bought the first book because it reminded me the Heavy Metal movie – I didn't know who Moebius was then. The book blew me away. The art was like nothing I'd seen before. Every story seemed to have its own flavor and style but none of the styles were derivative of work I'd seen before. Every approach was something completely new. Now, of course, Jean Giraud had his inspirations the same as any artist and I have since come across works that I believe were influences for Moebius but, even with that understanding, he made his work entirely his own. More so than any artist I know, Moebius was willing to reinvent himself and do something completely different. Most of us find what style works for us and are too scared to change – what if people don't like it, what if they don't hire me! But Jean didn't care…well, I don't know if he cared or not, but he did let the fear stop him. I truly admire that...(READ MORE AT


Jason Temujin Minor
Artist | Professional | Varied
United States
Jason Temujin Minor has worked for over twenty years as a Comic Book artist, Game Developer, and Writer.

As a comic book artist, Jason is best known for his work on "The Books of Magic," "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles," "Animal Man," and "Deadpool". He has also worked on such diverse titles as "Batman," "X-Men," "Terror Inc.," "Vampirella," and the Eisner Award winning anthology "The Big Book of Urban Legends." In 1997, writer Elaine Lee and Jason co-created the science fiction mini-series, "BrainBanx," for the short-lived Helix imprint of DC Comics.

In 2000, Jason transition from a 2d graphic artist to a 3d computer game artist. He worked for Sony Online Entertainment on their MMO, "Star Wars: Galaxies." Jason became the lead character artist on the "Rage of the Wookiees" Expansion and he took over as Art Director of the Live Team in 2004. Jason is currently working for BioWare Inc. on their MMO, "Star Wars: The Old Republic," as the lead character artist.

Recently, Jason has started to foucs on his writing. He won the grand prize in the Pen 2 Paper creative writing contest for his short story,"A Dance in the Woods." He also contributed a short story and several interior illustrations for the horror flash-fiction anthology, "Flashes of Fear." He writes a monthly, serialized story called "Chapter Play," for the Gabriel Writer and is collaborating with his wife on a series of Children's books.

In 2011, after the massive earthquake and tsunami in Japan, Jason organized, produced, edited, and published a 3 volume anthology set called "Fables for Japan" to raise money for the survivors. Jason also contributed several stories and pieces of artwork for all 3 volumes.

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